Invitation Kit

Use these communications tools to share your new moving concierge with your clients and friends. 

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Personal touch

Use this SMS as a friendly invitation to use your moving concierge. 

SMS Example

Stay in touch

Use this SMS as an automated message sent a few days after the purchase. 

SMS Example


Get Moving Email

Use this message as a template email that you send to all your clients.

Email example

Extra help for your move

Add this section to your current after sale Thank you email. 

Email example

Brand items

MovingWaldo logos

Use these logos on your website, social medias, emails, etc.



Use these images to illustrate moving when referring to MovingWaldo’s concierge service. 


MovingWaldo description

Use this description of MovingWaldo on your website, social medias or email to promote your new moving concierge. 

Thanks to a centralized platform, organize your move simply, and quickly:

  • Save time and money
  • Take advantage of reminders and checklists
  • Access a ton of resources
  • Receive the assistance of your specialized moving concierge

A single platform that brings together more than 1000 organizations across Canada to ensure a smooth move.

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