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Follow these steps to get started with MovingWaldo Pro.

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Step 1

Claim your branded platform

Here is what your brand will look like from your client’s point of view. To claim your platform, you will need the following elements:

Your logo. Rectangular preferably.
Your head shot photo.
A custom message of 200 characters. Links to your business Facebook, Twitter Instagram, Website, etc.
Image of branded platform
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Step 2

Get your magic link and preview your branded platform

Our team will set up your account within 48 hours. When ready, you will receive a confirmation email with:

Your magic link, which you will use to invite your clients (see next step).
A link to preview your platform and make sure your brand is well represented.
Step 3

Share your new referral link with your clients and friends.

Share your magic link with your clients to invite them, it’s as simple as that.

You can text, email, Facebook or What’s app them your link, it’s very much up to you. It will always be the same link, so you can automate this task by inserting the link in your communications.

We prepared some invitation material you can use in your communications, if you like.

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