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Partnership between MovingWaldo & Centris. Visit this FAQ page instead.

MovingWaldo gets a lot of traction from people moving. Hence, we are able to negotiate commissions from service providers on the platform. For instance, if your client uses MovingWaldo to shop for home Internet and books a great deal with us, we will get a commission from the service providers. We think it is a win-win-win solution!

Neither your real estate business nor your clients will never have to pay for MovingWaldo.

Once your clients create their MovingWaldo account with your magic link, they will have a personalized experience showcasing your brand and links to your social profile. This includes:

  • Your profile banner image
  • Your logo
  • A custom message
  • Links to your website, Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram account, YouTube channel.


The MovingWaldo logo will still appear on the plateform as it is important for the users to understand that we are the one that will assist them in their moving tasks. We do not want customer service to fall back on you!

Our free MovingWaldo Pro platform is already branded to you. Like any other moving concierge, it also includes the MovingWaldo logo to make sure your clients understand our team is there to help, and that they need to contact us for any questions relative to their account. We do not want the customer service to fall back on you!

MovingWaldo helps your clients save time, organize themselves and get the best services at the best price for their move. Our online platform helps them tackle their moving checklist, from finding great movers all the way to updating their address with over 1000 Canadian organizations in a single click.

Our dedicated moving concierge will assist them with any questions they may have during their moving process. They will also send timely reminders to ensure your clients do not forget anything, such as booking telecom in advance, and changing the address on their driver’s licence to avoid a spicy fine!

Learn more about the MovingWaldo experience from your clients’ point of view here.

Yes, we do! MovingWaldo’s moving concierge are highly experienced and customer oriented. They are available by chat directly from the platform.

At this time, the MovingWaldo Pro platform doesn’t let you refer your own partners directly on the platform.

This said, if you already work with other professionals, such as lawyers or mortgage brokers, you can ask us NOT to refer our own partners to your clients. We want to make sure you make the most out of each deal, and fill the blank where we can !

To invite your clients, all you need is to share your personalized magic link with them.

That’s it! You can send your magic link to your clients via email, text message, social media or place it directly on your website.

If you are in the mood, we also suggest you educate your clients on what a moving concierge is to make sure they do not miss out. Here’s a link to help you out with this.

See our Guide to get started. You will need your banner image as well as your logo. No payment, no credit cards needed.

Of course you can! There are two ways to do this. Either you get a single account for everyone in your brokerage. This means only one person in your whole team will be responsible for your MovingWaldo Pro platform, and all the brokers and agents will share the same magic link to their clients. 

Alternatively, if every agent or broker wants their own brand (banner, logo, social links) to appear to their clients, they can claim their individual account.

Of course you can! Just follow these steps to get started. When we ask the Agency Name, simply enter your name.

Once you sign up for MovingWaldo Pro, we will send you a link for approval to make sure everything looks perfect before you invite your first client. You will also be able to see the platform the way your clients would.

Contact us to make changes to your platform.

Send us a quick email with your name at!

Yes we are! Not all services on the platform are available in all provinces. You can check the services offered in your province here.

Not yet, but email us with your requests. Our team loves it when requests comes from you !

Still have questions?

Write to us.

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